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Trampoline Park Philippines

Address Trampoline Park, Mayflower st. Greenfield District, Mandaluyong (Off EDSA. 3-minutes walk from Shaw MRT station).
Phone 532-5849
Email [javascript protected email address]

What is TRAMPOLINE PARK? In a few words – it's a giant warehouse filled with dozens of unique trampoline “mats” stretching from wall-to-wall – allowing you to jump, fly and literally bounce in every direction. Brief Description of TRAMPOLINE PARK ACTIVITIES: Over 70 Trampolines of all sizes and forms, for the perfect FLYING Adventure! We even have unique 7-meter long trampolines for aerial acrobatic games, as well as long Wall-Trampolines for exciting bravery games. Aerial Dodgeball Games! Experience the unique fun of playing Dodgeball on Trampolines! It's 10x more exciting than normal Dodgeball! For best results: We recommend to come in groups of at least 4! Aerial Volleyball! Bring your friends and play some epic Aerial Volleyball! It's competitive , as well as pure JOY! For best results: We recommend to come in groups of at least 4! Crazy FOAM PIT FUN: Free-style jumps and flips in a huge foam pit filled with hundreds of cube foams! The FOAM PIT is a powerful and joyful facility for any sort of jumping and flipping games, as well as a wonderful practice place for various team-building techniques. Basketball lanes for the ultimate Slam-Dunking competitions! Here we will guide you to one of our biggest challenges – making the ultimate Slam-Dunk! With our two basketball lanes equipped with long 7-meter trampolines – customers of all ages can experience the extreme rush of NBA slam-dunking. Parkour Lessons – Our experienced Parkour instructors will teach you the basics of the arts of jumping. Parkour is an extremely growing and popular sports all over the globe. Our instructors will teach you how to use various parts of your body to jump higher and higher, do flips and turns, and can experience the beauty of flying! Exciting Fitness and AeroDance Classes for the perfect Workout! Trampoline Park offers unique Fitness and AeroDance classes performed on Trampolines! According to NASA research conducted in the 80's, exercise on Trampolines is 3x more effective than jogging! Our Fitness and AeroDance classes are exciting, fun and healthy! Birthday Parties and Team-Building Events! Combined with your joyful Flying Adventure at Trampoline Park—We offer you our beautiful Gravity Party Deck, equipped with tables and chairs where you can party, eat and feast, or have company team discussions, while viewing the jumpers at the Park and enjoying the show! DJ Beats and Gravity DISCO! Lights Off – Lasers ON...In the evenings, Trampoline Park quickly transforms into the ultimate FLY-DANCE Disco Arena! With our advanced DJ Booth, superb sound system and exciting laser lights – we offer our groups any sort of party or event.

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